LEAP into Ladypreneurship
6-Month BUSINESS ACADEMY for women entrepreneurs
An intimate Group Program for Women Entrepreneurs who are READY to make MORE MONEY Online & turn Your SIDE HUSTLE into a BADASS Empire.
so I'm not going to rub any more salt in your wound and remind you (I'm nice like that)
You can have it all. You deserve it all.
But you've got to get the right systems and structures in place so that you can get clients, make money, and be the BADASS #BossBabe you were meant to be!
In the 6-Month LEAP into Ladypreneurship Business Academy you will get CLIENTS, get PAID, and get the SYSTEMS in place to turn your SIDE HUSTLE into a 6+ figure Online Business.
The 12 Essential Modules + 2 Bonus Modules of a 
6-figure online business owner
  • Bi-Weekly Group Coaching Calls
  • A Mastermind Partner
  • Guest Experts
  • LIVE Tech Implementation Sessions
  • Weekly LIVE Q&A,
  • Step-by-Step Guides for Setting Up Automation = Less Hustle + More Freedom 
This program comes complete with everything you need to create...
  • Sell out Programs & Packages
  • High-Converting Opt ins + Sales Funnels that include a Webinar & Facebook Ads
  • A Beautiful Website
  • BADASS brand
  • Engaged Facebook group and social media following
How is this program different?
It's made specifically for ladies  who are short on time and want to set up automation for more freedom
You get bi-weekly group coaching. Which means you get intimate support for your business. No cookie cutter BS.
We focus on mindset, connection & systems to give you more freedom, fun, and SALES... No it's not a pipe dream! 
You get paired up with a mastermind partner for extra accountability (which is ESSENTIAL for business growth and success)
It's an intimate group of high vibe ladies so that create a life-long support system of ladypreneurs. No fake friendships or surface level conversations. 
You get LIFE-TIME ACCESS to the membership area, filled with workbooks, audios/videos, and how-to guides for all the modules we cover.
Angela Furfaro
Body Transformation Coach + Personal Trainer
Ontario, canada
"Working with Tanya has been the best investment of my money that I have EVER made."
In 6 months you will...
  •  Get the EXACT steps you need to take to create a 6-figure business, so you can STOP guessing, STOP feeling overwhelmed, and START living a life of freedom, family, felxibility, and fun. 
  •  Overcome money blocks keeping you BROKE, so you are available to get PAID and have 5-figure months.
  •  Identify the limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck and invisible online, so you can be seen, and CONNECT with the people who NEED your services and want to PAY you for them. 
  •  Refine your ideal client so you can ATTRACT as many as you want with incredible packages they WANT to BUY. 
  •  Learn how to SPEAK and SELL your offers with confidence.
  •  Set up AUTOMATION SYSTEMS to help you work smarter not harder, so you're creating a FREEDOM business rather than another 9-5. 
  •  Have a marketing strategy and sales funnel that get you clients 24/7 - using social media, opt ins, webinars, videos, and group programs.
What's Included?
  •  2x per month we will connect on group coaching calls. You'll get personal coaching on every call AND you'll learn coaching skills by hearing me coach your fellow Ladypreneurs
  •  All calls will be recorded and stored in the membership site.
  •  Group accountability and support coupled with laser coaching is ESSENTIAL for success!
  • 12 Modules with templates, worksheets, and checklists to help you transform your mindset and put the right systems and structures in place to create a BADASS online business for more freedom, flexibility, family, and FUN. 
  •  A “techy zone” of videos, PDFs, and training reference guides. 
  •  You'll have LIFETIME access to all material and any updates so you can refer back to the resources + group calls whenever you want.
  •  Allergic to tech? These are LIVE screen-sharing sessions where we go step-by-step through the process of setting up the techy systems such as for Facebook Ads, Sales Funnels, Email Marketing, Automation, etc.
  •  That means you'll never be alone, you just need to follow along on your own computer. Plus you'll have the opportunity to ask questions as we go. No more tech overwhelm! 
  •  You'll always have someone to to seek an opinion from.
  •  You'll have someone who can make suggestions, who knows your business, your goals, and the industry.
  •  They'll help to keep you on track and reaching the weekly goals you set for yourself. 
  •  Masterminds are strong enforcers of accountability, which, when you're working mostly on your own, can increase drive, motivation, and creativity. 
  • A place to connect with other high - vibe ladies to share, connect and support each other on this journey.
  •  I will be active in the group to answer questions + assist wherever possible so you reach your goals.
  •  Support + Community are fundamental to your success. This group is a way to surround yourself with like-minded women from around the world who are on a similar journey as you. Remember... no one gets to the top alone. 
Kyla Cone
Women's empowerment + Health coach
Soulful Driven Women
California, USA
"She knows everything there is to know about building an online business and she makes me feel so safe and not alone."
Monthly Rundown
Orientation Module
  • Prepping For Success Module - Map out what you want your business to look like at the end of our 6 months together 
  • Welcome Pack Workbook - You'll get intimate with your Finances + Money story and Shine a light on your strengths, gifts, and experiences
  • Suggested Reading List + Resources to get you results before you even start the program
  • Access to Business Tools and Guides, includes coaching tools, design guides, Planning Your Launch Calendar, payment processing guide, and many more
Module #1
A Success Mindset
  • Overcome fears + self doubt so that you can show up as a BADASS Business Owner
  • Get out of your own way so you can get visible, get noticed, get clients, and make money
  • Have the mindset of a 6-Figure Business Woman 
Module #2
Attracting Abundance and Wealth
  • Overcome money blocks holding you back from making 5-Figure months
  • Have a Money Manifesto that attracts abundance and wealth into your life. 
  • Practice the daily money making rituals of 6-Figure Business Owners
Module #3
Dream Client Creation
  • Identify WHO your ideal client is and know how to ATTRACT them 
  • Know what your Unique Selling Position is so that you STAND OUT from the crowd online and make SALES
  • This DREAM Client Strategy allowed me to book my first $5K client and is the SAME strategy I use to sell out ALL of programs
Module #4
Packaging Your Offer
  • Know how to package and price your offers so they SELL - what to charge, what to include, + how to name it
  • Effortlessly attract your ideal client with programs they can't wait to BUY from you
  • Confidently speak about the value you provide, the benefits you offer, and demonstrate it with social proof
Module #5
Opt In + SAles Funnel Automation
  • Create an opt in that grows your list and brings you pre-qualified leads 24/7
  • Use email marketing & sales funnels to automate the sales process by turning strangers into subscribers, into buyers
  • Put the right systems and structures in place to ensure a seamless client enrolment process
Module #6
  • Create a BADASS personal brand that stands out and gets you noticed online
  • Be authentically you while still resonating with your DREAM client
  • Get visible and become an influencer in your industry
Module #7
facebook ads
  • Learn how to monetize your your Facebook and Instagram following
  • Create high-converting, low-cost Facebook ads
  • Make sure your biggest fans never miss one of your offers even if they never check their emails
Module #8
Website Design + Copywriting
  • Know what to include on your website and what to write
  • Learn how to write compelling copy that makes readers take action
  • Discover the single most important thing you need on your website to sell high end packages
Module #9
  • Get the exact sales formula that gets me fully booked with DREAM clients and sells out my programs
  • Learn how to effectively deal with objections like "I can't afford it" so you start hearing more "YES"
  • Never feel "salesy" again 
Module #10
Social Media Marketing
  • Learn how to leverage multiple social media platforms to make MONEY (not just get likes, comments, or followers)
  • Create a cohesive feel across all social media accounts so your brand is easily recognizable 
  • Get my free-traffic formula to build deep connections and engagement, that lead to paying clients. 
Module #11
Curing Creative avoidance
  • Learn what creative avoidance is and how to spot it
  • Discover what your creative avoidance habits are
  • Get techniques to prevent creative avoidance from sabotaging your success
Module #12
  • Expanding your Impact, grow your list, and sell out your programs with Webinars
  • Get Step-by-step, slide-by-slide instructions on how to put together a webinar that your DREAM client can't wait to sign up for
  • Know the KEY elements of high-converting webinars so you can have  5-figure pay days - YUP you read that correctly, 5-figure pay DAYS
Latoya Beverly
Spiritual Guide + Business Coach
Arizona, USA
"She was exactly what I needed when I asked the universe to send me somebody who was going to be exactly for me."
You'll also work with top notch experts:
Meet Branding + Web Design Expert Jined Lamata 

Jined Lamata is a life and business coach who works with entrepreneurs, helping build their brand from the ground up.
She has over 6 years of experience in Social Media and Digital Marketing, three of which she spent working at Univision Communications. Now, she's dedicated to helping makers, creatives and visionaries become more visible & optimize their personal brands.
Meet Facebook Ads Strategist
Emily Hirsh 

Emily Hirsh is a leading online strategist and Facebook Advertising Expert who works with with dozens of entrepreneurs, helping them with anything and everything in the virtual world.

Her clients include individual start-ups, health and fitness coaches, therapists, public speakers, and business service providers. 
Meet Program Launch Expert 
Sam Gioia

Sam Gioia is a membership site creation and program launch expert. She helps her clients organize their program learning materials and brings their content to life in beautiful, on-brand PDFs, graphics, and custom membership areas.

With a background in film production, Sam emphasizes thorough planning and preparation in her process and is the GO-TO Gal for ALL things video and tech. 
Meet Holistic Financial Coach 
Grace Edison

Grace Edison helps her clients truly feel like they are in the drivers seat, moving through their old patterns and beliefs and taking the right action to create a healthy relationship with their MONEY!

In her course the Yoga of Money she works with her clients to free themselves of their money woes FOR GOOD!
 PLUS You get a 90-Minute Private Coaching Session with Tanya 
*6 payments of $597, totalling $3,582. First payment will be drafted immediately, then you’ll be drafted on the date of purchase for the following 5 months.
  • Create a strategic client attraction plan and value ladder to get you to 5-figure months fast!
  • Map out a step-by-step action plan and launch calendar for the next 6-months
  • Bust through fears, self doubt, deeply ingrained limiting beliefs, and negative money stories keeping you stuck, invisible, and broke
Have questions? I will help you.
Book a Complimentary Clarity Call below
Facebook Ads are a powerful form of paid advertising. Inside your member's area, you'll get access to video modules containing the most advanced ways to set up and optimize your Facebook Ads in Power Editor. 

Facebook Ads allow you to target specific audiences who are looking for what you offer. This allows you to spend less money on paid ads making it affordable for any budget. Implementing Facebook ads into your business expansion allows you to increase traffic strategically to bring you new DREAM clients every day.
Sign up for LEAP into Ladypreneurship now and get immediate access to "Grow Your Instagram Following with Ease". Inside this training, you'll learn how to set up automation systems to grow your Instagram following while attracting massive traffic to your business.

You'll get a step-by-step video to help you set the system up yourself along with tips to help turn your following into clients. This is an added bonus to help you get your brand noticed so you can expand your reach and connect with DREAM clients right from the start of this program.
Struggle with feeling like an imposter? Not sure how to step into the your power, your potential, your confidence? Want to be seen as an expert in your field? You are the face of your brand. You must be visible to attract DREAM clients. You're going to learn how to confidently speak about your services/products to get people to say YES I'm in!

Included in "Getting Visible with Video", you'll get fill-in-the-blank workbooks and personalized affirmation cards to help you move beyond any fear or saboteur.
I'm an ex 9-5er turned Transformational Business Coach for BADASS Women Entrepreneurs & podcast host on the "How We Hustle" Podcast. I courageously traded my power-suit for the full-time entrepreneur life and I haven't looked back. 
No, I didn't wake up one day, QUIT my 9-5 job, and LEAP full-force into my online business...
I grew my business on the side while still working my corporate 9-5 job. So I've been there! I understand how it feels to never have "enough time" or "enough energy" to get everything done in order to grow your business. 
and I also know it CAN be done!
Which is why I created this program! You get ALL the steps (so you won't have to waste time looking for what to do next) 
AND they are all broken down into itty, bitty, teeny, tiny, actions you can achieve even when you're short on time and energy. 

All that being said, the biggest challenge I faced on my journey (that I was 100% NOT prepared for) was having NO support. I was being "Miss Independent" trying to do it all on my own and getting NO WHERE!
i learned that asking for help is a sign of strength not weakness
Yup... it was difficult but once I got the guidance, support, and accountability I was missing, my business exploded (hallelujah!) 

GIRL, I can tell you now that building a business is a journey FULL of highs & lows. (I'm sorry to tell you...) if you want to make it long term, support and community are not optional. 
If it's possible for me, it's possible for you. Why? Because there is NOTHING special about me other than the fact that I said YES to my dreams. 
I specifically designed LEAP 
to be the TOTAL package!
So you get the community, the tools, the training, the support, and the accountability to get you from the 9-5 life to the #bosslife.
Have questions? I will help you.
Book a Complimentary Clarity Call below
This is an action-oriented program where you get intimate support and multiple levels of accountability. I am a firm believer in the fact that most of the information is available somewhere online for free but it's the support and accountability that are the difference makers. Nowadays most programs do not offer the amount of personal support you get with this program. I created this program with the mission that no one would ever feel alone on this journey. I want you to feel completely supported every single step of the way.
YES! WITHOUT A DOUBT! I have specifically designed this program to guide you LIVE (with screen-sharing) through the step-by-step process of setting up the "techy" systems such as for Facebook Ads, Sales Funnels, Email Marketing, Automation, etc. That means you'll never be alone, you just need to follow along on your own computer. Plus you'll have the opportunity to ask questions as we go. No more tech overwhelm!
You will have 6 months of live group coaching calls, the private Facebook Group, and the LIVE implementation sessions with Tanya and her team but will have lifetime access to all digital training modules and recorded group-coaching calls
Yes, as long as you're a service-based business wanting to expand your business online then this program is for you. The model I teach will work for personal trainers, nutritionists, social media consultants, graphic designers, and other professionals. The information provided will give you all the tools you need to compress your timeline and reach the level of success you desire in your business.
Absolutely! This program will give you the automation systems and tools to grow your business with ease. That growth will come from the support and accountability you get which will allow you to take the BOLD COURAGEOUS ACTION necessary to take your business to new heights. 
Yes, this program will take you through all the steps, give you all the information, and all the tools you need to build your business from the ground up. As long as you are clear on the business you want to create this program will be perfect for you!
I'd allow between 6-10 hours a week to do the coursework plus attending the live calls. There may be additional reading and daily action-oriented tasks/mindset work that I recommend to ensure success.
All calls will be recorded so you can listen to them whenever you want! The times for the live calls may vary depending on the number of people as I do offer east coast and west coast calls when necessary. But if you miss one, you can catch the replay. There will be an option to submit questions prior to the call or attend for part of the call if you can’t make it.
 PLUS You get a 90-Minute Private Coaching Session with Tanya 
*6 payments of $597, totalling $3,582. First payment will be drafted immediately, then you’ll be drafted on the date of purchase for the following 5 months.
Sophie Verlinden
Blogging Strategist + Coach
Wezemaal, Belgium
"I was doing online courses, downloading freebies, reading blog posts, but not really achieving anything..."
Melanie Redford
Health + Business Coach
Ontario, Canada
"She has given me the support, the encouragement, and the love, and the tangible, step-by-step tools to have a successful business."
Chelsea MacPhail
Anxiety + Relationship Coach
Maine, USA
"I finally understand what I'm doing and it's completely thanks to Tanya."
Claire Ashton
Personal trainer + Health coach
Watford, UK
"Her step-by-step video approach to learning how to do a Facebook ad has been invaluable for me."
"Tanya is amazing. For real. It means so much to me that she believed in me as much as I believe in me!! Being coached ny her has made such a difference in my mindset!! I am sooooo grateful she came into my life when she did. I'm just so happy. Tanya is an amazing coach!!"
Jennifer K. Strathmore
Alberta, Canada
"In the couple months since I signed up with Tanya, my business has moved from an idea in my mind to enrolling my first client last week. Tanya has provided the information and knowledge necessary to build a business that lights me up.

She isn't afraid to be blunt when limiting beliefs and fears are standing in the way of making my business a priority but she also comes at it with a level of compassion and understanding unlike others. I can't thank her enough for bringing forward the tools and skills which I already possessed by her coaching and guidance."
Megs Harmony T.L.C.
Tender Loving Coach
"Tanya was made for this job - seriously she is a god send. She creates the space to be vulnerable and it is in those moments of vulnerability that my courage and strength grow. I was really struggling with clarity around my ideal client and she pushed me to see the space I was meant to be in and WHO my ideal clients were. Now I feel like I know EXACTLY how I can support people. Tanya definitely goes above and beyond and it is so beautifully deep and touching. Coaching has been the best thing I have done for myself."
Melanie Redford
Ontario, Canada
"I always say that Tanya was born to be a coach. She is incrediblygenerous with her time and knowledge. Tanya is always there for me tobounce ideas off of, get some solid business advice, or to teach me aboutthe latest time saving trick that will enhance my business. She is sopassionate about what she does and I feed off of that energy, just watchingone of her videos or talking to her for a few minutes motivates and inspiresme to get my work done. Working with Tanya is like having a secretweapon that I want to tell everyone about!"
LisaMarie Falcone
New York, USA
"I am beyond grateful to have met Tanya and coached with her. She isdownright smart, funny, approachable, super successful and sees the fullpotential in you, even if you don't see it yet for yourself. She has definitelyhelped me in boosting my confidence and making things happen for mybusiness. Highly recommend her if you're looking for a coach that"gets" you."
Tisha P.
Arizona, USA
"When I came to Tanya I wanted to quit teaching and pursue a career inHealth Coaching. Tanya listened just as much as she had great strategies tohelp me. I ALWAYS felt supported in an authentic way. I'd describe her as thoughtful, genuine, and authentic. She has a gift for diving deeperand getting to the bigger picture or meaning. My happiness andfreedom. I am now feeding my soul's purpose rather than sucking the lifefrom it. I feel great moving forward in my life."
Kristina K.
Arizona, USA